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Posted by on Jul 22, 2012 in COMPARISONS, Review's & Preview's, REVIEWS, Slider, TEST RIDES | 24 comments

REVIEW:Forever Male – Pulsar 200 NS

REVIEW:Forever Male – Pulsar 200 NS


Pulsar 200 NS vs KTM Duke 200

Duke 200 is the full blown counter part of the Pulsar 200 NS. It has a lighter trellis frame, a higher spec DOHC cylinder head, Fuel injection, Higher spec tires, USD forks and rear suspension from WP and other quality tid bits. When both are kept side to side, the Duke looks taller comparing the NS. And it is taller by a bit( 5mm higher seat than NS). Duke also looks significantly narrower than the NS. Handlebars on the Duke is single piece alloys versus the P200 NS’s clip ons making the Duke look and feel like a proper super moto. Build quality is also significantly better on the Duke. With their similarities one might think that both will ride similar. But no. Duke has a completely different engine character and ride feel than the NS. Duke is lighter than the NS and with the 200cc motor on the duke producing an extra 2 hp than on the NS, the Duke has a significantly better power to weight ratio than the latter. And that is much more pronounced on tarmac than on paper.

Duke looks super cool in person. It has a fatter rear(150 vs the 130 on the NS) and a true super motoish stance. The orange paint scheme with “KTM” and “Duke” decals at places are sure to make heads turn. The handlebar feels light and wide making the rider feel in ultimate control. Duke has a much harsher engine note than the NS. And with the trademark fuel pump whine of the Fuel injection system, it sounds a little noisy when idling. But that changes when the throttle is applied. I hated the console of the Duke. It was small and the tacho was hard to read at a glance. But the added information like the coolant temperature, average speed, gear indication etc is welcome. But what good is info if you cant read it at a glance while on the move? The consolation is the shift light and speedo indication which is big and clear. But the annoying console will no longer trouble you once you get the Duke moving. You’ll be paying less attention to the console as the Duke is so addictive while riding. The DOHC motor is faster revving than the SOHC on the NS. The high pitched shriek of an exhaust note will enhance the whole experience. Duke has better acceleration comparing the NS. I was expecting the same or even more front end chatter than the NS while taking a fast corner on the Duke as it was lighter than the NS. But there was none as i expected. Much of this cornering performance can be attributed to the Superb front forks and rear suspension, the MRF Revs Radials on the Duke also plays a part. All that makes the Duke super stable in a corner than the NS. On a supermoto, the sensation of speed will be higher because of the upright riding posture and the absence of a fairing to deflect all that wind blast. But on the Duke, the smooth engine masks that feeling once the rider is fully geared and at a 110 kmph it felt slower than the NS! I have to say that Duke has one of the smoothest single cylinder engines in the country! It is so refined that one might never think that the NS and the Duke shares the same bottom end! The fuel injection is hassle free and the Duke has a more linear power delivery than the NS. It has better low end torque, no vibrations or flat spots before its maximum power producing rpm and is one step ahead in refinement comparing the P200 NS. It has better braking performance and the tires and suspension combo offers superior feedback and ample comfort making it rock solid on a corner and easy on the body on a commute. The only niggles i could find with the Duke was that it hits the rev limiter too soon and the console being too small!

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  1. Nicely done review .
    was waiting for your review. now i am going to buy this baby soon thanks!! :)

      • Hy Navin. I’ve mailed some queries regarding the bike tires @ Pls reply to them as will have to get the bike next week only. Thanks. Waiting…

  2. Awesome review guys, got a good clear idea on both the bikes.

  3. Hi

    Great review! thanks I am going to copy your style in my blog !

  4. Very good review! I have booked the bike at Kollam showroom for 94k and this review has helped me a lot in making my decision. And, you guys have just made a new fan of your website! Great work friends!!

    • Good to learn that throttlers helped you in your decision back. or just join Throttlers’ Talk point from the header for updates and interaction.

      • I’ll do that!! and,one more thing….what does “mvk” in ur name stand for? is it mavelikara??? I asked you dis as I am from that place :)

        • Exactly!! I am from Mavelikara. And Now in Pune.

          • hii kochumvk…can u giv me ur facebook id… r u working in pune..?? i am in kothrud.

  5. Hey guys..wht is d feel while sitting in back seat ?
    Couple can use this bike ?

    • Yes.The Pillion seat is comfortable enough

      • Pillion ride feels like sitting on a rock.

  6. tat was a good n clear review…
    wat abt d milage???

  7. Thanks for sharing . Bajaj made a completely new engine for their Pulsar series sporting a completely new Cylinder head with an addition of extra two vavles making the total count four. This is a good model. It has a Incredible Sporty look with good relaxation, protection, design ,conveyance and efficiency.

  8. Pulsar 200 NS and KTM Duke 200 features are nearly same as well as the performance. So I would surely prefer having KTM Duke 200 as to get something different to ride.

  9. Very good review. Very helpful.
    I wasn’t a Pulsar fan ever (could be because of my ignorance, I admit). Not sure whether I’m one now either.

    But I’m definitely noticing this.
    What do you say about having a 200NS as a second bike to an R15v2?
    R15 is fun, of course. But it’s STIFF. So stiff that, on anything other than flawlessly level roads, it’s just so exhausting and uncomfortable. At least for me.
    Exploratory tours in Kerala won’t work on this one.

    Will the NS suit the above requirement?

    I understand that for a best understanding, I should ride it on the roads I’m imagining and see how it fares.
    But the usual 1-km-salesman-as-pillion test ride is not gonna help much.
    Got to find someone who will let me ride for some time on it.

    I would like to have some comment on this.
    Thank you so much :)

    • Aj bro,
      u will love touring on ns…
      I own it and its a great pleasure to ride it along the roads of kerala.just go for it

  10. Hi guys,I have began a P200NS Community club exclusively for P200NS owners at Kerala…All kerala P200NS owners pls do join this group ‘Kerala P200NS owners Club “NAKED STREET FIGHTERS [NSF]”

  11. how’s the overall build quality of the bike?
    does this one also be start laging like the old pulsars after a few years…?

  12. Nice bike?but question…is this available in my country..PHILIPPINES

  13. friends i have a pulsar 200 ns . being a pulsar 200ns owner m little highlighted guy in my town as i do somewhat stunts with my 200. someone a professional stunt man wants to have a drag race on his pulsar 200 ns with my 200ns.. give me some tricks to beat him.


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