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Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in COMPARISONS, Review's & Preview's, REVIEWS, Slider | 112 comments

Comparison: Honda CBR 150 R vs Yamaha YZF – R15 V2.0

Comparison: Honda CBR 150 R vs Yamaha YZF – R15 V2.0

To start with, the YZF R15 was already a superb motorcycle. We thought Yamaha cannot make an already great design better. But they did! and 4 years later after the release of the R15 V1.0, in came the R15 V2.0. With a much better handling package, styling package and brake upgrade, the 2.0 was a delight to ride and even better to look at. And all these years Honda stood on the sidelines, silently watching every move of the whole Indian motorcycling industry which included their jap rival, Yamaha. And after the Release of the R15 V2.0 Honda couldn’t wait no more and they brought their 150cc screamer as a worthy rival to the R15. Enter the CBR 150 R.

Now a little history lesson. Honda had a very powerful 150cc 2 stroke in their cards about a decade ago. The NSR 150. But the emission norms caught up with Honda and they were forced to pull the NSR off the market in 2001/2002. At about the same time, Honda decided to build a 4 stroke 150cc as a replacement for the NSR 150. A 150cc worthy to wear the CBR badge. And so the CBR 150 R was born. The old ceeber had a screamer engine and produced 19hp and 13.7 nm of torque. But again the people at EPA decided to tighten their grip on the emission standards and that again made Honda redesign the CBR 150 R. They added a fuel injection, did some cosmetic changes, fiddled with the exhaust and voila the new 2011 CBR 150 R was born. The CBR in its new avatar made less power, got fat but looked better and the EPA people was happy.

Now about the new CBR? Unlike the R15 engine which is based on a T135 moped engine, CBR’s engine was built from scratch. Its High revving DOHC 4 stroke in its current Fuel injected form produces 17.6 ps @ a high 10500 rpm and maximum torque of 12.66nm @ 8500rpm.

So how does it Stack up against its only rival the YZF- R15 V2.0? Lets find out….



How does the CBR look? It looks almost similar to its bigger sibling, the 250 R. From the front it looks very much similar to the 250 R. The 100/80 size tire on the front adds to the beefy looks. Same story from the sides but one can easily notice the shorter wheelbase and shorter exhaust of the 150R. Rear, even though it looks similar to that of the 250R the smaller 130 section tire will easily give away the 150 R. CBR has “VFR”ish smooth curves which looks good in person but nothing that we haven’t seen. The design lost its freshness as the previously released CBR 250 R has the same styling. It looks simple. More like a sedate full faired sports tourer than a sport bike. In fact very few people noticed that we where riding a CBR 150 R. When riding along with the 250R, people wont notice the subtle differences between the two. The paint quality on the panels and tank was nice. But the glossy touch on the Frame and clip ons could’ve been avoided. It not only looks cheap but also doesn’t jell well with the overall look of the motorcycle. There are also quite a few exposed elements of the engine and electronics which is an eyesore. Switch gear also lacks a premium feel. Cost cutting is eminent when looking at the Switch gear. It doesn’t offer a pass switch or an engine kill switch. So when you stop and start the bike in traffic, you’ll have to wait for the self check to complete. But as a compensation, self check completes quite quickly. Rear view mirrors offers good view. Mirrors look identical to the ones on the R15, but is setup a little less wide. One other thing we noticed was the absence of an anti theft shutter key like on the old CBR. Cost cutting?

Instrument cluster offers just enough information and is similar to that of the 250 R.  You get a big rev counter along with a neutral light, Odometer along with a trip meter(only one), a clock, Fuel indicator and a coolant temperature read out. Other indicators include two turn indicators, a malfunction indicator, and a high beam indicator.

The R15 on the other hand looks gorgeous from every angle. It is sharp, aggressive and mean. Both from the front and rear. Every panels are painted in matching color tones. No Glossy metal parts on this one other than the tank and rims. In looks department R15 V2.0 takes the cake. R15 V2.0 also got better build quality. A lot of effort has gone into designing the fairing of R15. you will really have to look hard to see the engine parts through the fairing. The mesh which covers the slots on the fairings looks up market. Rear view mirrors are set wide apart and are also useable and offers unobstructed view of the rear. There are also minor things like the dual throttle cable on the R15 versus the single throttle cable on the CBR 150R. Everywhere an R15 V2.0 goes, there will be some one admiring its looks. And according to a few bystanders the R15 V2.0 looks the best and we won’t disagree.

R15′s Instrument cluster is a disappointment when it comes to information. You only get a rev counter, a big speedo readout, two trip meters, an Odo meter and a fuel gauge. Other indicators include a neutral indicator, a turn indicator, a high beam indicator, a malfunction indicator and an overheat warning indicator.



CBR has a shorter seat height than The R15 V2.0. Even for us 5’7″ test riders, Honda felt small. Seat has better padding and is not too soft or too hard. Seating position is comfortable but has enough room to shift your weight around without much effort while taking a turn. We really liked the seating position. Pegs are positioned at the right angle, not too backward or too forward. Long rides on this one will be a hoot. Clip ons are also longer. Though comfortable, longer clip ons do pose a problem under full turn as your fingers hits the tank more often than you think. One other thing i liked the most is the pillion comfort. Pillion seat is wide and padded well. The pegs for the pillion is designed so that you can sit straight and in the seat rather than on it. Honda has given a lot of thought for the poor soul who sit behind. The rear seat is more comfortable than a CBR 250 R’s and 250R has one of the best pillion seat for a sub 250cc sport bike! The grab rails are a boon in stop go traffic where there is a lot of braking and accelerating. Not once did i slipped off from the seat during my time as a pillion in those conditions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a pillion on the 150 R.

R15 V2.0 is aggressive in its seating position as much as in it looks. You sit far more forward. You have more weight on your wrists and the seat is as hard as it gets. It is great for spirited riding around a track or twisities but not so for long rides or through traffic. You can feel the weight on your wrists under braking. Even though it gets better in time, it still feels uncomfortable comparing the CBR. Pillion seat is actually the worst in the country. You need a ladder to climb up onto the pillion seat of the R15 and great lower body strength to hold yourself onto the seat. all your weight is on the foot under braking and if you are not paying attention you’ll be sitting on the riders shoulders! The absence of a grab rail only worsens the problem.

The Ride


CBR 150 R has a DOHC 4 stroke 150cc Liquid cooled engine which produces 17.6 ps at 10500 rpm and 12.66nm of torque at 8500 rpm. Honda uses a closed loop fuel injection system(which offers a much more precise fueling) on the CBR versus an open loop fuel injection system used on the Yamaha. The CBR starts quite quickly and idles smoothly with a soft exhaust note. Engine noise is also on the lower side. Clutch action is very soft. Shifting to first gear and slowly releasing the clutch without adequate throttle will result in a stall. The torque is almost non existent till 3000 rpm. Honda bogs down mysteriously during take off when the clutch is released too suddenly even when the revs are kept at 5000 rpm. The short stroke engine needs quite a bit of clutch and throttle effort to get it off the line without stalling. Being a short stroke, the engine is eager to rev and the revs climbs up quickly once after 3000-4000 rpm. After this rpm range the power is delivered in a relatively linear manner. Mid range though not as strong as R15′s it still has ample power to keep the revs climbing without much lag. You can comfortably cruise at 70-80 kph in topgear but still has enough juice to reach a 130-140 kmph without downshifting. Gearbox is slick like any other Honda. At high revs this engine produces a sharp exhaust note. Engine is smooth till 8000rpm and after that it produced some slight vibrations. But that can be our relatively new test motorcycle which only ran about 200 kms. The vibes will decrease once after a few 1000 kms on the odo as per Honda. The engine is so smooth that you wont recognize the rpm needle hovering at around 7000-8000 rpm until you take a look at the tacho! The little Honda keeps on producing power till 10500 rpm and keeps most of it past 11000 rpm. And that is the beauty of this engine. The gearing along with the high revving engine makes you see a 100+ on the speedo in third gear. Yes, this little Honda is a proper screamer.

But there is a catch. We took the Honda for a spin through the congested city roads of Cochin. Accelerating from a stop requires more effort. You’ll have to shift to 1st while tackling a speed bump. But I did not find it such a bad thing. The engine is very smooth so that you can keep the revs above 7000 rpm easily and the engine wont feel stressed. We where riding in mostly 1st and 2nd gears through city and the engine didnt felt stressed even past 9000-10000 rpm! We tried with a pillion and at that time too Honda is right at home past 9000 rpm. The non O ring master link type chain made a lot of noise when riding with a pillion, and that was a bit annoying. Avoid short shifting and the Honda is fine to live with. This engine is not designed to run slow. The smaller and shorter wheelbase Honda can be flicked easily in traffic. The comfortable seating position makes things even more easy. As for the fuel efficiency, we got 35-40kmpl with very hard riding and through city. Under normal conditions you can expect 40+. With its 13.1 liter tank you can expect a range of 550kms+! Now that is a bonus for tourers!

The suspension setup was relatively soft for our heavier test rider. Front end was not too stiff or too soft. The shorter wheelbase Honda will flip from side to side very quickly. The short wheelbase also caused the rear end to move around quiet a bit under hard braking. The 4 level adjustable rear non link type mono suspension was pretty spot on for my weight (55 kg). Centralized exhaust position offers better weight distribution and the CBR is a really fast corner carver if you know how to tap the engine.

You have to keep the Honda above 8000 rpm to properly take a corner. Too low an rpm or if you run a gear higher, you’ll go wide when exiting as there is inadequate low end power. The lower grade MRF’s (comparing Yamaha’s) on the Honda offers more than enough grip for street use. A really good move by Honda as these tires are supposed to last longer than the radials on the Yamaha. Even though the tires are low grade, it is hard to unsettle the CBR in a corner. The “Pentagon” frame (as Honda calls it) is one of the best. The frame can definitely handle more power. We are pretty sure that the tires wont deter you from taking a corner in confidence. In city, Honda just soaks up the pot holes. It is very comfortable. The suspension has an 4 way adjustable spring so that you can set it right where you want it. Honda uses a 276mm rotor at the front and 220mm rotor at the rear. The Nissin calipers on the Honda offers good stopping power. Braking though a bit soft, was almost at par with that of the Yamaha. Overall, Honda demands more from the rider. And that is why we loved it.

Yamaha uses a SOHC 4 stroke liquid cooled 150cc engine on the R15 which produces 17ps at 8500 rpm and 15 nm of torque at 7500 rpm. Unlike the CBR the square engine on the R15 produces ample amounts of torque at low revs. It needs lesser clutch and throttle effort to pull away cleanly from a dead stop. The low end torque is enough to putter around in city stop go traffic from rpm as low as 2000 in second gear. Mid range is also better on the R15. You can short shift The R15 and use the torque to propel you forward. Gearbox on the Yamaha is also very smooth, but i’m not a big fan of its long throw shifter. It produces a thud sound when short shifting. But high rpm shifts are quite smooth and precise. 2000 – 7000 rpm Roll ons felt better on the R15. There is a significant build up of power past 5000 rpm and it peaks at 8500 rpm before tapering off. Yamaha’s engine loses its breath after 9000-9500 rpm. R15 engine is also smooth till 8500 rpm. Past that the engine seems stressed. Fuel efficiency was at 35 kmpl. Under normal conditions you’ll go further than that. With a tank capacity of only 12 liters, R15′s total range is lower than that of the CBR. R15 has a total range of about 500kms.

Every enthusiasts know how a Yamaha R15 V2.0 rides. The Deltabox frame which uses the engine as a stressed member has been praised nationwide for its capabilities to handle power upwards of 30 bhp. Yamaha R15 still offers one of the best handling package in the country. The Deltabox frame, Aluminum swingarm, Radial tires and stiffer suspension offers great handling through corners.

Under hard braking Yamaha keeps its ground. Even if the rear tire locks Yamaha will come to a stop without any fishtailing. The radials on the Yamaha offers a lot of grip and through the corners Yamaha is a delight. When it comes to city riding, on one hand R15′s low and midrange torque requires less downshift, but on the other the more forward biased seating position and longer wheelbase along with the flatter tires requires you to put more effort while tackling traffic. R15′s engine, though torquey but not as rev friendly as the Honda, still does a good job. But we would’ve loved to see the Yamaha keep its power past 9000 rpm. Yamaha’s engine goes to sleep where Honda’s wakes up.

We did a head to head drag to find out which one is faster to a 100 Kph. On the CBR, the deficit in low end torque is pronounced when taking off. CBR is also much more weight sensitive than Yamaha. Keep the Revs above 8000 rpm, shift at 11000 rpm and the Honda will have an edge. CBR stayed a bike length ahead of Yamaha if the shifts where executed right. We did a total of 7 runs with 2 different riders. One who weighs 67kg and another who weighs 55 kg. CBR finished ahead 5 out of 7 times. CBR is faster if the revs are kept above 8000 rpm. Yamaha’s slower revving engine (comparing CBR’s) requires you to shift properly and fast if you want to keep up with the Honda on a straight. In fact i was amazed at how fast a CBR revs comparing the R15. On the corners though R15 V2.0 has a slight edge over the CBR. The tubeless Zapper FQ and Zapper Q on the CBR, though sticky enough is not as good as the MRF Revs radials on the R15.


Yamaha YZF – R15 V2.0 lives upto its name. It has good low and midrange power. It looks like an SBK. It is well built and has quality exterior. It has a lightweight aluminum swing arm, a stiff front suspension and a linked mono rear suspension making it one of the best handling motorcycle in the country. The brakes are slightly better than the Honda and it also has good tires to top it off. But, it lacks the top end rush of the CBR. It lacks the closed loop fuel injection. It lacks the 55 watt headlamps. It lacks the comfort.It lacks the adjustable rear shocks.Its rear seat is small and high enough to scare away most pillions. At rs 121000~ OTR R15 V2.0 is a no compromise handler and an able performer. But it is what makes the R15 a great looker and handler which makes it uncomfortable to ride in city and during long rides. So if you want the best looking motorcycle in the country. look no further than the R15.

Honda has a really sweet engine with a usable mid range and an amazing topend. A good frame which offers great handling and looks which resembles the CBR 250 R. The engine is fuel efficient yet fun to ride. It is miles more comfortable for both the rider and pillion than The R15 V2.0. It has a closed loop fuel injection system, a 55 watt head light for those night rides and long tours. It handles great, flicks easily and is a delight on corners. But yes, it lacks the low end torque and a few switches, has medium tires and chain but those are just minor issues. Being a Honda you can expect the build quality to improve in the next few years. It still has better build quality than most other motorcycles manufactured in India, but it not just at par with that of Yamaha. With Honda reliability you can also expect the engine to probably last longer than you! All this for about rs 10000rs premium over an R15 V 2.0.  Base model costs 131000~ OTR and deluxe variants costs 133000~ OTR. That is not that big of a premium considering the features you get. That DOHC engine alone is worth the premium. But still, if the CBR is 5000rs cheaper Honda will surely see more sales numbers. And also that decrease in price will keep the 150R further away from the CBR 250R which may otherwise cause a sibling rivalry. Honda showed us that a great handling machine can be comfortable too. And that balance my friends, is hard to come by.

Specifications* CBR 150 R YZF R15 V2.0
Engine typeFuel injected(Closed loop) Liquid cooled 4 stroke DOHCFuel injected(Open loop) Liquid cooled 4 stroke SOHC
Bore x Stroke63.5 mm x 47.2 mm57 mm x 58.7mm
Displacement149.4 cc149.8 cc
Compression Ratio11.0:110.4:1
Maximum Power17.6 ps @ 10500 rpm17 ps @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque12.66 nm @ 8500 rpm15 nm @ 7500 rpm
Transmission6 speed (1 down, 5 up)6 speed (1 down, 5 up)
Frame typeTwin Tube Diamond (Pentagon)Deltabox
Dimensions (Width x Length x Hieght)695mm x1977mm x1130mm670mm x 1970mm× 1070mm
Ground clearance185mm160mm
Seat height793mm800mm
Caster( ͦ )/ Trail(mm)25/9026/98
Kerb Weight138kg136kg
Tank Capacity13.1 ltr12 ltr
*Specifications as listed on the Ap Honda(Thailand) and Yamaha(India) websites.

Test Vehicle provided by EVM Honda.
Geared by Auto Queen,Cochin
Words by Navin
Inputs & Feedback- Ranjith , Navin & Swaroop
Photos by Rifaz & Ranjith

Gears Used
Cramster Raptor
Cramster MX3
Cramster Velocity
AXO Primato II

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  1. Very good write up and good pics. A review worth reading!

    • spelling mistakes were spotted ;)
      but a good article.
      I am planning to go for a R15 single seater.

      • i drive both the bikes and r15 v2 is much better then cbr 150r , its stable better and its feel is awasome and r15 can compete with 250 too
        if u want a realllly a harcore bike go 4 r15v2 it ii nerver dissapoint u

      • A very nice review. U have worked hard and did a great job..
        My question is which one I should get? I know your review answered a lot, I want to buy cbr but the flaws it has like less switches and bit bulky look makes me bit unintrested.. Money is not an issue for me. Plz help

  2. R15 really has more low and mid range torque? Strange coz that was one complaint abt the yamaha. True that Yamaha has amazing build quality across its range. Honda cares only about its engine and gearbox – they always short change on the rest. But yes, the engine and gearbox are really gems. Wonder if Yamaha erred in making its R15 more aggressive for the Indian market coz we dont really care abt specialized bikes. Its jack of all trades that sell in India and in that aspect, the CBR fits the bill, being comfortable, stylish, economical and sporty at the same time.

    • The CBR makes lesser torque (12.66 vs 15nm) than the R15 and that too at 1000Revs higher(8500 vs 7500)!that really plays into it.and yes you are right.Jack of all is what sells here more and the CBR does provide that.But then the R15 makes up for it in the looks dept.many will fall for its pretty balanced.both the bikes have a good market :) .i just hope the CBR came in much earlier though.

    • thanks for the comment. this was a comparison. r15 is not torquey comparing, say a 220. but it still has better low end torque than cbr150.

  3. Lovely review Navin. Finally it was very comforting to see the r15 pitting against something in its own class. And the review was indeed unbiased, loved that point particularly.
    By the way , i have a query, is the R15v2.0 has a brake upgrade as compared to the older models ?

    Another point, wouldn’t always maintaining a high rpm band on the CBR be too tough or even unnecessary in normal riding conditions ? That’s would mean it is utterly boring in the lover revs ? Any inputs on that ?

    Also kudos to Ranjith. Enjoyed the pics very much.

    Cheers mate,
    Ride Safe

    • thanks. v2 has larger diameter rear rotors comparing the v1. cbr engine is designed to rev. sustained high rpm rides wont be a problem.

      • Yup, so wouldnt a rev friendly bike be too sluggish and boring actually, not to mention feel useless when its sujected to normal riding conditions of 50-60kmph or even 70kmph where the rpm should be between 5-6k rpm ?

        • Yes it is.. I ride a cbr 150r.. at lower revs it feels so boring.. and you cant rev up in city..but the feel that it has more power inside is what makes us proud … It has that but it doesn’t show it off unnecessarily.

    • Yes it can be a little boring at the lower revs.but you can forget it once you get to open up

  4. Even am surprised about the Yammie having better low-end grunt than the CBR150R. In fact during my test ride, I found the CBR150R pull way better than I have ridden a R15 V2.

    But its a lovely review nonetheless.

    • thanks. as for the low end torque, r15 will pull away in 2nd gear from 2000rpm with a moderately heavy rider. we found it hard to do on the cbr.

      • Thanks Navin for the reply. Well the way the review is written- I would take your word for it. But just for the sake of mention, I had ridden a CBR150R with a pillion and one patch included an incline. Now if I have to recollect my experience of riding a R15 V2- I would say that the CBR pulled better on the incline with the pillion than the R15 I was riding solo on a flat stretch i.e. the R15 stayed in slumber under 5000 rpm whereas the CBR wants to start moving in upwards of 3000 rpm. Also the CBR engine I feel is an absolute gem- it revs so quick and so smoothly. That is one point that it scores over the ruling champ the R15. Unfortunately Honda have messed up with the pricing part- the bike doesn’t look the price its offered at whereas the Yamaha looks like a 1.5L bike so easily. On the practical part, at the point at which the CBR sells, I would have bought the KTM. Just a personal thought. And once again a lovely review.

        • Never can a CBR 150R pull away easily and better than the Yamaha R15V2.0 with 2.44nm down in torque. Please ride a bike buddy

          • there is mentioned cbr milage per liter

          • Thanks for the suggestion man! Unfortunately I don’t ride as much as you do ;)

  5. Can u say about mileage????

  6. U guys concentrated more on cbr

  7. Good review…

  8. wonderful…d way u gave d review is awesome…..detailed xplanation is very helpful..nd also d pic courtesy is very gud…..

  9. can u inform me wich 1 is d best compared 2 each other overall………

    • As posted below:
      Its a very personal preference.Both are great machines on the track.the CBR seems to have clocked better times even.One is a sharp edged all out sport bike and the other is a a relaxed & comfortable performer.There are ppl for both the kinds of bik

      • Lmao u guys trying to say cbr 150 takes out r15 in track ..? In dreams … don wa a mention buh a honda test rider testin cbr 150 its was fully equiped racekit machin …a group d open class 150cc category bike .. and he couldn’t catch me at all thou I was in your least favorite r15 …a complete stock v2 .we both had 6 laps of fight , well icant call it a fight it was r15 killing a cbr equiped wid kitz myt be you feel comfortable riding cbr in cochin roads don mention dat a cbr can do better timimgs than an r15 , why don we professional riders don prefer cbr , in simple words cbr doesnt giv u confidence as r15 at any cost and neva corners .., myt b u guys shud ride in mmrt chennai ..u will knw wat a race dynamic style can do to a touring vfr miniature

        • First of all,our personal favorite among the 2 as mentioned earlier in the the R15.So its isn’t “our least favorite”.

          Secondly the CBR was reviewed and the comments were written back when the CBR dint have any exposure in the tracks/ Races. Certain known Racers back then had done slightly better times hence we said “CBR SEEMS to have clocked better times even”

  10. btw,,very gud rider shoes nd gloves u got der…u both luk gud ridin dose monsters….

  11. Nice review. but you did’nt mention which bike you prefer.

    • Its a very personal preference Vaibhav.Both are great machines on the track.the CBR seems to have clocked better times even.One is a sharp edged all out sport bike and the other is a a relaxed & comfortable performer.There are ppl for both the kinds of bike.

  12. If often you say that CBR is useful for touring purpose then for WT* you guys compare a RACING MACHINE with touring one to find its advantages and disadvantages…
    When you guys dont even know the basic rules for comparison of the bike of its kind then pls STFM.

    • FYI,both are Sports bikes.Just because the R15 looks sportier than the CBR,it doesn’t mean that the CBR isn’t a sports bike.both are of the same category but one offers more comfort than the other.hence it is better for touring.

      also the Engines character plays a role in making a bike a sports bike or not.the high revving engine of the CBR with its power delivered at higher RPMs,the CBR is designed to be a track tool.whereas the CBR250 with its engine producing power at lower revs combined with the relaxed and soft suspension set up,its a tourer in its stock setup.

      PS-Even the Fireblade is always said to be a street friendly bike,does that make it a street bike?
      Thanks for your query.

  13. R15v2 is a true-blue sportbike.
    150R could be rightly called a sports-tourer.
    Ideally, these aren’t competitors, but best ones of different segments.

    R15v2 is so stiff and sharp that it’s painful even on slightly bad roads.
    But given the roads are good, IT IS A DELIGHT, real delight.
    Consider its stunning and perfect looks, it’s one big bundle!

    Now, 150R seem to be giving much more importance to comfort than R15v2 and that’s definitely a win for the CBR.
    But then there is the dull low-end, whereas the v2 is completely different with more than enough power in the 2000-6000rpm (which appears to be dull in the CBR).

    Reaching 3 digits by 3rd gear on R15v2 (which the CBR seem capable of) will be asking bit too much.
    But then, you can navigate it(R15v2) easily in winding roads/traffic with much less gear-shifts, which probably won’t the case with the CBR.

    After all this thinking, it would appear as if the R15 with its impeccable design and handling package should have the Honda’s engine and be an even-sharper absolute sportbike
    that the CBR150R should have the Yamaha engine with better low/mid-range, which will perfectly suit its design which gives importance to comfort too, thereby making it a ‘practical, all-round sportbike’ and the R15 a ‘razor-sharp, precision sportbike’.

    This mix-up is what makes telling a verdict between these two very difficult.
    You’ve got to think of your primary uses and how these will perform. 150R could easily take the long trip/tourer/practical badge and the R15v2 the sharp, intense, pocket SBK badge.

    As they said over at BSMotoring, between CBR250R and R15:
    “At an additional cost of about Rs 70,000, you get a bike that cannot do things half as well as the R15 can, but can do twice as many things instead.”

    It’s a similar situation between the 150R and R15 too.
    You’ve got to pick the one you feel comfortable with.
    Don’t worry, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

    • Both the bikes carry similar characters from their SuperSport siblings.Both are very much sports bike but one being more comfortable.

      • Yes, that’s the one-line bottomline :)

        • CBR 150 R in traffic is a delight to ride..Don’t get wrong in this fact bikers.. much more easy and comfortable than any other 150cc bikes..the high pricing goes for the invisible factors like handling, braking, comfort … it has the best… I know both R15 and CBR 150R…R15 is kind of show off with high initial pick up and fancy looks but CBR is a humble but powerful raw bike who knows its power but shows it only when needed.. it doesn’t have smooth switch gears, engine on/off and flash switches but still you’ll love it.

    • I would like to make a point that touring is not just about being comfortable or always keeping yourself at near read-line on a freeway. A nice tourer should have thick mid and reasonable low end torque.

      So I will not call CBR 150 R a sports tourer, bikes to fit in that class will come soon, may be a 200FS.

      the high revving 150R is a track machine with added comfort for practicality and sellability.

      • This comment thread has turned out to be a great one. Thank you very much for the responses, they cleared up lot of things :)

      • You could consider adding the gist of this thread to the original post.
        Might provide a clearer and sharper perspective, especially for potential buyers.

      • to increase acceleration just change the engine sprocket to 14 and the rear sprocket to 44. we do that here in the Philippines. but its much cheaper to change to rear to 45 :) stock cbr 150 sprocket in the phils are 15/43 combination. im a 6’3 110kg rider. the 150R looks small when im riding it but the cbr never disappoint me.

  14. Good review, just needs a bit of proof reading.

    Just a few questions:
    1. How fast is the CBR compared to R15 in 0-60, 0-100?
    2. What is the top speed achieved on both?


    • thanks for the comment and suggestion. will take into consideration.

      1) all i can say is CBR is slightly better. depends on the rider weight. with an average rider(70kg), the timings will be between 11-12.xx on the cbr. R15 will also have similar timings but it needs 4th gear to see a 100. cbr will do a 100 in 3rd gear and so will have sightly better timings. speeds indicated are all speedo.

      2)we didnt bother to check the top end because of the public roads. top speed we did was about 120-125 on both during a head to head. but we can surely say both will do a 140+ on the speedo on a long enough straight.

  15. east or west HONDA is d best………….because yamaha r15 v2.0 topspee is 133 n cbr 150 has 146…………..hahaha so honda wins……

    • Both these bikes does similar speeds on speedo.
      And many Indians believes a bike with better top speed figure is better. There are definitely other things as well to consider.Otherwise Karizmas may not have sold a piece when p220 is around.

      • bro you seem that you have a r15, cause all your comments speak for itself…dont be biased man!

        • Sorry I am not at all into that market place .neither R15 nor CBR 150. When some one asks for good points about R15, I felt liable to help him, after all we where in his shoes many years back i guess. Sorry If my comments felt biased. Its not intended.

  16. nice review..the latest n smallest cbr when launched in thailand last year produced 19 i guess there is a slight power reduction for indian roads by varying the fuel injection characteristics(to obey the emission norms maybe)…u can see the cbr150r doing an 8 sec 0-100 kmph sprint on indonesian roads(youtube..!!) ..also the colours on baby cbr is different from thai CBRs…can u compare and post0-100kmph timings of cbr150r vs r15…keepup the goodwork guys… – Ajay Thomas, Cochin.

    • the difference is rather small. weight is what decides the winner here. r15 with a 10-15kg lighter rider will still beat a cbr to a 100 kph despite r15′s .6PS decrease in power. if both the riders are similar in weight, with a perfect shift cbr will be about 0.5 second faster than r15 to a 100.

  17. Hey thnx navin for a wonderful review!
    Many thngs got cleared.. I wanted a bike and my parents have given me 2 choices nd i lyk them..
    I m confused between r15 nd cbr 150!
    I dnt hav much idea bout torque etc, i want u 2 help me regardng which ones better!
    I lve in raipur chhattirgarh nd deres no sch road here where u cud ride more dan a 100.
    My frnd has an r15 2.0 nd he says its just 2 gud!
    Plz help me!

    • depends on your requirement. for looks and handling, go for r15. for comfort and a high revving engine go for cbr.

      • Kk..
        Cn u plzz tel me sum gud points of r15?
        I hav 2 tel dem 2 my parents!
        So plzz other dan luks nd handling sm mre points!

        • R15 have a much strong record on indian roads, the record of quality, performance, decent parts availability etc, and a huge happy customer base.

          And is cheaper. But definitely we cant forget the high revving little CBR’s motor.

          You should be happy with either machine.

    • @Navneet Singh
      Torque basically helps you ride easier in traffic.R15 is better in that aspect.but CBR is MUCH more comfortable especially for the Pillion.If you do carry pillions a lot,do consider the CBR.

      If you really want the R15 and want to convince your parents to get the R15 then tell them about the amazing quality and service record of the R15..also that its one of the best sellers in India!

    • TORQUE of an Engine can be defined as the ability of the engine to rotate the wheels.(We call it “Pulling Power” of an Engine).
      In bikes, “Higher Torque at Lower RPM” means better acceleration.
      Readily available torque always determines the Winner.
      So make sure that you have enough Torque on tap always.

  18. Very good review… Usefull one..

  19. Does the power of R15 v2 drop significantly on ghats?? And with a pillion?

    • r15 will be better on ghats because of better low end – mid range torque than cbr150r(means less gearshifts). with a pillion both the cbr and r15 will struggle on a ghat road.

  20. Guys i should say some thing here .

    R15 is best !! when compared to cbr 150

    The over all look and the performance

    It is not good if you drive in 5000 RPM , but once it crosses that and if you open the throttle , it roars like any thing . It is awesome to ride even above 125 km/hr .
    If you change the factory installed ECU to the racing ECU , it is 9 seconds faster than its in reaching 120 km/hr .

    I own it and tested . I love this YAMAHA BEAST .!!

    • the article tell us about standart bike..
      not for racing.

      if the CBR 150 also change ECU or just the muffler… ooohhh that CBR will become more beast than yamaha R15

    • Guys guys… listen up. No use of talking ECU s, this that blah blah.. This is a sucked third world, India. We all do not have long silky roads. Still if you are craving for true thrills, go for real bikes, not for the good but sympathies from the leaders like yamaha or honda.

  21. Hey, really impressing review. Cool details. You guys are born riders.. All Correct. Now please tell us what finally stands at after sells conditions? I heard yamaha sucks in India, while we talk about their servicing. Again many Y.r15 owners complain against its color coating quality and some issues with the cooling system n all. What you say?

  22. Loved the review and pics. I was waiting 4 one. :)
    When many reviewers criticized Honda for CBR 150R, you did a well round up. I love Honda engines for its MIX of refinement, power, and mileage with an added advantage of reliability.
    Good Work

  23. Honda iz the best
    i love all bikes and cars of honda

  24. The review was gud b ut can u say which is the best i’m confusednow plz help me?

  25. good comparison..worth reading it..thanks guys

  26. Interestingly scanning the above blog I accept this because it’s correct so it’s great to see a poster thats posting info such as this publically to review


  28. Hello friends today16/7//12 i buy CBR150R cbr are is the wonderful bike yamaha is only sport
    look but not the qualiti

  29. Great review guys. Well written up. Just a doubt, I’ve driven the r15 over bad roads and over speed bumps with really great stability and um lets say good comfort, on comparison with the ceeber. Witch will do better ?


    • On bumpy roads the R15 will be more stable if you want to ride aggressively.

  30. Am in unstable mid…..shall i buy r15 or cbr???!!!

  31. what is r15 price and cbr 150 price in Chandigarh ?

  32. hey plz advice me for wat should i go r15 or cbr150r
    cbr is better dn r15 on papers but my hearts says for r15 only but for a genius biker wat should i go for…..

    but but but i buy r15 only

  33. I have riden both bikes and the thing is got that obviously CBR 150R is better than R15. Because of comfort, speed, torque, the power of light is better better than R15 and many other capabilities so I will go with Honda CBR 150R.

    • does r15 v2 or cbr 150cc control better

  34. someone told me that the paintquality of cbr150 is very less and that’ll lead to colourfade in a short period. Is that right?????

  35. hei ,,,, the pictures is CBR250 , not 150R

  36. thnx
    I was planng to buy a bike, i would go for cbr

  37. Yamaha R15 is THE only bike that can rev up to any given speed. Nevertheless, ITs not the BIKE its the BIKER who can do so!

    Im a rider for Yamaha and done g2g, inter states and golden quad rides in the past. Driven almost the best bikes in its category of 150cc, 350cc, 600cc and 1200cc as well.

    Yamaha stands for its class and motion, Engine durability and riding grip ; Let any bike in this segment come.. R15 stands TALL.

  38. Great article but it made me confused and rethink which 1 should i buy. First it was between R15 vs Fazer and i chose r15 bt now after reading this article mmm… starting to think again. So which 1 is best fr u guyz???
    My preferance:-
    1) LOOKS
    3) MILEAGE.

  39. frndzz,, i m planning to buy a new bike, i m bit confused wat to buy… can u plz help me out as wat shuld be d best???
    1. R15 V2
    2. Cbr 150R
    3. Apache RTR 180
    4. KTM Duke 200
    which will be d best???
    as i need best instant pick up. looks n comfort…
    plzz riders help me out…

    • i think th emost suitable two bikes are honda cbr abd r15,bcos these two have very good built quality and stylish look,
      i ride th eboth bikes an d i feel the power of r15 is amazingly than cbr in same 150 cc But the r15 is not suitable for long journey and not suitable back seet position for girls and elders and not suitable for fat persons.
      Honda cbr is really comfortable than r15 and riding is so simply and less milege than r15
      if u want stylish and comfortable bike go with CBR.
      if u want more power U can choose r15.

  40. i have a cbr 150r and i am very happy with it…
    Its the only cbr around here and many r15s runs here..
    I felt much comfortable in it other than r15.
    In any words..
    Cbr is the best because i enjoy the quality..
    From hondaaa….

  41. Jaya Radhe – Your amazing weblog has already brought joy and happiness to my spirit. Sing the praises of Lord Hanuman.

  42. honda cbr 150r is much better than R 15 V2 150 CBR has smooth gear box comparison to R 15 v2 i like cbr 150r$ R 15 fuck bich

    • In the public road handling is everything, R15 much better choice than cbr150, lose twice in drag so where is the more power that cbr had?

  43. Please any one clarify that, can we able to reduce the rear height (Pillion) of R15. Because it looks uncomfortable.


    • I must say you know very less about the both, Honda is best in High-end as well as low-end, from VFR1200 to Dream Neo each one is best for the class, the difference only about the countries and their needs. you must also see MotoGP to see how they perform.

    • Jorge Lorenzo believes Yamaha still loses out to arch MotoGP rival Honda in all the same areas as it did in 2013.

      Honda’s Marc Marquez has won every race so far in 2014, having also pipped Lorenzo to last year’s title.

      Lorenzo said there was still scope for him to improve his race fitness after his 2013 injuries and winter surgery, but that the technical areas where Yamaha trailed Honda felt very familiar.

      “It’s more or less the things we were missing last year, but a little bit more,” he said.

      “I think I can improve a little in my physical condition, that’s still not perfect.

      “But the bike still doesn’t give the chance to brake a little later and stop in a shorter time.

      “We’re missing a little acceleration and top speed. This is going to be difficult to improve.”

      The Spaniard fears the engine freeze regulations will hamper Yamaha’s chances of catching Honda this year.

      He said that would not stop him trying every possible avenue to get on terms with Marquez.

      “I think this year is more difficult than the other years because the engines are frozen,” Lorenzo said.

      “We cannot improve the engine, but we can improve the electronics and the chassis.

      “If the bike does not improve – because Yamaha doesn’t bring anything new, although they’re working very, very hard – then I will try to improve myself and my riding style, and work with the mechanics and engineers to improve the set-up.”

  45. At wch rpm gear shuld be transmitted/changed for better efficiency in both cbr abd yamaha

  46. i prefer Honda

  47. Somebody needs to find better proofreaders for these articles ASAP. It’s a real PITA having to repeatedly read phrases like “You has more weight on your wrists…” or “Mirrors looks identical…” “…poor soul who sit behind…” or “…fingers hits the tank…”.

    There are always so many of these. Way too tiring to do your job here for free.

    Happens too often for me to believe that’s it’s just mistyping, sorry to say. But that’s not even the point.Not everybody needs to be a Stephenian or a Xaverian, but no proper proofreader? Seriously Throttlers?

  48. cbr is very comfort than r15 for long drive . hands are more effected by r15.

  49. Hey, great review. Ok, so this must be weird to ask alright? but could someone here please help me with a choice between cbr 150 and karizma zmr?? i am totally confused cause apparently zmr has a few niggles like the fairing creating noise when ridden in low speeds etc. Could someone here actually tell me if zmr is worth buying?

    • When I see these two bikes in same list, I must tell you that only thing common between them is a full fairing.

      ZMR is not a bad piece of machinery.In fact if you force me to pick one of these, I will pick ZMR, just because it better suits my purpose. It got better low and mid range torque, a great tourer, a good kit.

      However, Its not that modern equipment all around – No liquid cooling, older suspension set-up, older frame, tubed tires.

      On the other hand, CBR 150R cant match the torque figures of ZMR, however reaches a higher top speed.
      Not a great city bike due to lower torque figures at low and mid range.

      Motor is a modern one revs hard.

      If you can tell more about your purpose we can suggest better.

      remember ZMR is an outdated product today.

      I wont pickup either of these if I am not forced to.
      There are better stuff for me in the market

      • You are stuck to the torque. why don’t go for Enfield bikes it will mach your requirement( good torque at low rpm). It seems you are very lazy to shift the gear. Does torques really matter? Bike manufacturer made their gear box according to the engine torque and rpm. So what is matter is the power and how smoothly the engine can run at high rpm!!!

  50. Good article…..
    I have both the bikes and i feel cbr is more precise….
    50-60 kmph in cities is enuf and it does in 2nd gear with 7000rpm…i felt r15 heavier than cbr while cornering…
    r15 is good if we have a girl friend :P ..
    i feel cbr is good… :)

  51. The best bike .. in 150 cc segment.. CBR 150R….!!!
    *high stability
    *superb handling.
    *high comfort
    *overall nice performance bike..
    those who buy wont regret it.. :) :):):)

  52. most of the people hav an impression about the bikes/likes a bike already and are asking questios eventhough they like 1 bike better.
    i like the cbr betr because of some reason, eventhough i know tat the switch gears are very cheap looking ( comes from the stunner!),lacks engine kill and pass light and tat the clutch cable obstructs the didital display view ( something i noticed!) .
    so is the case with people who like r15, because it has olready made an impression he ignores tings like high pillion seat,comfort etc

  53. Cbr= 1st gear 11000 rpm den 2nd then 3rd….nd ur on 100+ kmph.just race…on 1km long track..100% guarantee cbr would win…I hav tried nd have beated zmr with EASE..

  54. I am confused between these two. My preference :
    1. I will ride in heavy traffic of kolkata . so signal to signal timing matters and not top speed.
    2. Better after sale service
    3. Easy availability of parts
    4.low maintenance cost.
    And currently I don’t even know riding. It will be my first bike. Please help me decide

  55. By reading ur whole review, i can only and surely come to a piont that the Honda Company has paid you more than Yahama,,,,, …… plzzz dont ask me the reason,, becoz i have every reason to prove it…. if u dare… go forward…. letzz see…. plzzz do not boast about the Honda…. all the best…

    • Super ji

  56. Anyone know about launch plans of honda cbr150r repsol?

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  59. Guys i am planning to buy a bike but confused between cbr150 and Apache 180abs. Please suggest me as to which bike to choose. Waiting for your reply guys.:)


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