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Posted by on Oct 1, 2011 in Review's & Preview's, REVIEWS, Slider | 91 comments



2008 January,Auto Exp,New Delhi

One of the finer things for Indian Motorcycling was Unveiled -The YZF-R15.It was a time when YAMAHA India was in a position exactly opposite to its Mother Company-YAMAHA Motor Corporation.It was a mystery what YAMAHA was doing in India.It was a time when a 150cc machine with some fancy sticker work  was the “super sport” category for the regular Indians.

It was a time when all that changed.The YZF-R15.A proper sports bike in every sense,from the riding posture to the power delivery.The regular Indian would mistake it for its bigger brother-the R1 from where all its DNA came from.

Every one went crazy.They loved it.But there was a catch to all this.The skinny tires and a visually poor rear end.It was a turn off-Many turned their heads away from it but the R15 was an instant success.It played its part to bring YAMAHA,India to where they belong.

Now,couple of years later.YAMAHA has made the R15 a complete machine.A re-designed tail section and a fatter tire has made it the most beautiful bike available in India.But how does it perform?Well..lets read on.

A quick look at the changes

-New R6/R1 inspired LED Tail Lamp

-A re-designed mid section improves aerodynamic performance(Resistance values is +4%) at higher speeds

-A proper Split Seat

-Larger rear sprocket- of 47T

-Bigger 220 mm rear disc’s with NISSIN Calipers for the new & bigger 130 rear tire.

-Aluminum swing arm

-A new ECU control and drivetrain unit specs

The R15 V2.0

Seating Posture

The second you swing your leg over the 2.0,the first thing you notice is the increased seat height. At 5’7 i was perfectly able to plant both my feet on the ground flat.
Apart from the the increased seat height you will not notice any changes to the seating position along with the same semi-aggressive seating posture maintained. The seat is adequately “sticky” but much flatter with lesser padding than the previous model which is a plus when riding aggressively when you’ll have to move your body around the corners. This is a very good design feature. weight shifting is much easier and its possible to move your body around the corners much quicker than ever! A real plus on the track but might not be so comfy for the roads.

Coming to the pillion seat-One look says it all-the Superbike styled rear seats along with the lack of grab rails means a less comfortable ride.You don’t buy a Sports bike to carry your Mum or anyone sitting sideways!hence the lack of grab rail shouldn’t be an issue since its much better to lean on and hold onto the rider on such an aggressive seating.

I love the way the seating looks and i don’t complain the discomfort it creates but im not all that satisfied with it.I found it really hard to find a proper way to sit on it.Unlike in SBK’s the seat is a little higher and there seems to be an extra bit of gap between the rider and pillion which is pretty apparent when you try and lean onto the rider because as i said you are sitting quite far apart and if you try and move forward-you are out of your seat!

But just like the rider seat the pillion seat is also very sticky and you don’t slip off very easily.

On Board

Once you have taken your seat its all a familiar look.The instrument console and every instrumentation remains the same and of a great quality.For a V1.0 owner
the cockpit is familiar and will feel instantly at home.


Thumb the starter and the 150 cc engine comes to life. No drama whatsoever. This is one area where YAMAHA failed our hopes.With no power & engine upgrades whatsoever-the V2.0 remains only a  face lifted version.Just like the V1.0,the engine is very responsive & rev friendly hitting the indicated 10500 rpm revlimit within no time.Same power plant as the old one, both produces 17ps @ 8500 rpm.

With the addition of the fatter rear section tire of 130/70,the R15 was bound to take a hit on its power delivery.To compensate on this the V2 comes with a bigger rear sprocket of 47T .I was very excited about this-this would have been the answer to the poor low-end issue of the V1 but to my surprise and disappointment there was nothing much to get excited about.The improvement at the low-end seems to be only marginal.

A head to head roll on figures(from 40 kmph in 6th gear),dint seem to make the V2 any superior either.! Maybe its the added weight of the version 2.0(+5KG’s) and the larger tires to be blamed.

Overall gear shift feel was good. Just like any new R15. the motor is refined at high revs and has a linear power band than the version 1.0


Being the best handling machine in the market it was hard to expect much of an improvement.In fact,our worry was if the V2 could maintain its handling as the V1 with its bigger tires.YAMAHA had done their home work.The first aluminum swing arm in the 150cc segment in the Indian market which “has a truss structure that enables greater rigidity while improving handling in the turns” along with a longer wheel base retains its superior handling and also improves to a certain extent.Does offer some more stability.Even though we couldn’t push it to its peak we expect the same or slightly faster exit speeds and handling out of a corner.


The front brake bite was at par with the V1.0 but the rear brakes have improved,thanks to the new and bigger 220 mm rear disc’s by NISSIN.


YAMAHA claims a slight improvement at the top end with a re-programmed ECU and a improved aerodynamic performance with its re -designed mid section.Unfortunately we were not able to test it on our brand new engine.

So is the new R15 so good that an existing R15 owner should ditch the old one and get the 2.0?


Once the initial “oohs & ahs’s” fade off  and once its common on the streets there is nothing much exciting than the V1.Its just the same old wine in a fancy new bottle.
Is it a VFM buy at Rs 1,19,000(OTR-Cochin)? Yes. With the looks of a mini SBK it is worth the 1.2 lakhs. The R15 was always a great performer for its price and with just an addition of 6,oooRs ,the new R15 is better looking,better handling and has better stopping power.

In the end-YAMAHA has achieved exactly what they wanted-A refreshed,re-designed R15 without any drop in performance and handling.The re-engineering they have put into it is really commendable.

The V2 will turn more heads.Even the heads of V1 owners but with a screaming engine beneath you does it really matter what the bikes rear looks like?

Gears in Photos-

AGV GP Tech Helmet

Alpinestars  T-RC-1 Air Jacket

AXO Primato II Racing Boots

Thanks to PSN YAMAHA,Cochin for providing us with the R15

Geared by-Auto Queen,Kaloor,Cochin

Words,Inputs & Feedbacks-Ranjith , Navin & Swaroop

Photos by-Ranjith

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  1. Many guys where using R15 for long distance rides… It looks like Yamaha India is teaching our young riders what a track tool is, step by step.. This one is a nice base, This chassis can be tweaked and a potent 250 twin should go in between to do justice. I hope this will be the biggest challenger for relatively outdated N250R in international arena. ah.. Let the good time roll till then!

    • Now that’s the surprise-the chassis is capable of a bigger engine which meant YAMAHA had their work cut out to jst get a bigger engine,yet they dint!now lets wait and see!(again…)

    • The setup can be tweaked to a large extend. change the suspension and this thing will kill any other 250 in the handling department with a 250cc engine. the problem is the lack of a proper performance oriented 250cc engine from yamaha. if they plan to plonk such an engine, they most probably wont complete designing one anytime soon.

      • True.and developing a new 250CC engine means it has to be for the Intl. Market and will end up competing the ever-reliable NINJA 250.That requires careful development which needs time.Or else they will have to develop it only for the markets where 250CC is in demand like India-that will be a half measure like the CBR250 and i hope YAMAHA doesn’t go that lane

    • im planing to buy a new r15 v2.0 and im 5.6 height and it suits me but pillon seat is confusing a lot.. plz suggest me?

      • You wont have any problems riding but yes the pillion seat will be uncomfortable for the Pillion.if that is a very imp. factor to you,look out for the new CBR150R.Very comfy seats.

        • thanks for suggestion!!!

  2. Nice Review.
    Riding the v2 is a blast!

  3. Indeed, Its better looking than v1 from rare. Performance appears more or less to be the same. However, it still looks like a toy. A toy given to indians to play. Rear seat of v2 is no doubt impractical, check-out any other sports bike and u will findout that none has this much of gap or height difference from rider’s seat.
    Secondly, I still dont understand, if r125 could have such a big posture and look, why yamaha made r15 so small. Fz looks much practical than toy r15.
    I bet, if r125 body is mated with a 200-250cc engine, no cbr or ninja(250) could stand near.
    I m waiting for 2012 auto expo, hoping that yamaha would launch something worth it. Or would go for bigger and powerful CBR250R.

    • If R15 is a toy what are Indian bikes?
      Cheaper toys? ah. But I agree to your 250cc engine story as I mentioned in first comment. And there is no pint in comparing CBR to R15 V2… CBR 250 is a half measure, Its better for touring.

      • I dint mean to offend any one..
        But by toy i meant.. R15 is too small. i m 5.9 and i feel like its too small.
        atleast tank size should have enlarged in v2 slightly. its size was always the only reason i did not buy it.
        I hope auto expo has something more appealing from yammy.
        And about cbr250r it is as good as r15 in handeling. Its just that its suspension is softer for comfort, but a little adjustment in suspension could make it an amazing track tool.

        • Manufacturers try to make the bike smaller and smaller-look at the ZX! :) unfortunately it wont suit tall ppl much but then the compactness plays a factor in R15′s superior handling me if the R15 has to get bigger,it will need a bigger engine atleast

        • I hardly think dat R15 is a toy
          actually for commanding a big machine one must practise to improve his riding
          even moto gp rider do
          improve their riding by practising on small
          machine like r125 or aprillia125.
          But yes atleast yamaha must launch a bigger machine in 250 cc or may be r6
          n yes ninja 650 is launched here y didnt r6 & cbr 600
          they r definately gonna change every thing in 4-5 lakh
          vid great 70-80 hp

          • But Ninja 650R is nowhere close to R6 or CBR 600!! N650 R have 50cc more and 50 HP less! And lemme remind you that ZX 6R, the mini rocket is still not here..

            However N Six Five Zero R is a perfect tool for touring I believe.

      • Wat about pulsur 220, its cheaper & nt so fancy bt it is more prctcl than both r15 & h250r and gives exlnt prfrmns by its 220 cc engn…

      • can you tell me how to increase my bike speed because my bike never cross 118kmph and I want my bike to go atleast 140kmph or130kmph.

    • Yes i felt that the pillion seat is somewhat incomplete as mentioned in the review.
      You are right that the R15 is a cheap toy-but then that makes every other Motorcycle below the 250CC segment(including the CBR)in India a toy too :)

      R15 deserved an engine Upgrade but i get a feeling that YAMAHA dint go for a bigger engine because they haven’t completed the life of their current engine.After all its hardly been 3yrs since it launch here.

    • Sexy!
      I accept u!

      • Ranjith your response is awesome !!

        Why people expect engine very soon from yamaha when they dont expect it from other manufacturers like HERO and TVS …

        Still cbz , hunk and apache is same for many years ..

        Its just 4th year running .. wait for few more years , YAMAHA ready to bring bigger surprises

  4. Great review though, very nice pics.

  5. good work guys, but u didn’t mention about the mileage

    • We have not tested it extensively, so we cannot say it as of now. We don’t want to throw some fake predictions.!

    • The mileage is supposed to remain the same.As mentioned above we weren’t able to test it.But going by everything else in the V2,we believe that even the mileage will remain the same as V1.
      Also we will update more info as we learn them.

  6. The v2 machine looks damn hot .. The mileage also should be tested !! Nd thnq gyz for shown us the reviw .. We wer all waitn fr it ! I ws also present there fr d photo shoot.. Hope, u gyz wud cm dr fr chckn d mileage too !!

  7. Yamaha done well in redesigning the machine in its looks and priced competitively, when compared to changes they made in it. Its VFM for those who want to buy their first dream bike. bit disappointment about no change in engine, still waiting to see in detail what new V.2 has to offer in tracks (not expecting much).
    (Being yamaha customer for long time, its high time that they should focus on their after sales services so seriously. fed up with most of service centers which are running on low infrastructure compared to the volume they delivering to road.)

    • Unfortunately its the poor attitude of the general Indians that end up in poor SVC’s.But in Cochin-im pretty satisfied with their CS compared to SVC’s of other makes.and the higher officials at YAMAHA also respond well to Customer complaints.
      YAMAHA has also launched a concept of YAMAHA “CS Desk concept” to improve CS relationship.Lets hope for the best.

  8. A few questions from my part to know more about the bike ;)

    1. How’s the gearing now?, read somewhere somebody had a hard time finding neutral which was really surprising for a bike from Yamaha.

    2. Have the ride&comfort improved any further with fatter tires and improved ergonomics?

    3. Storage space compared to v1?

    4. For a tourer is it easy to tie luggage using bungee chords or attach saddle bags?

    5. Does the new side cowl design help in faster heat dissipation or help redirecting the airflow to rider’s legs other than it’s aerodynamic advantages?

    • 1.We dint find any issues with the gearing.
      2.Comfort hasn’t increased-in fact slightly reduced since its slightly more forward biased
      3.V1 dint have any special storage capacity-so does the V2
      4.Would be slightly harder/different to tie luggage using a bungee due to the obvious lack of the grab rails.
      5.its doesn’t allow anymore heat dissipation or redirection of airflow.

  9. am planning to buy my 1st bike..
    should i choose P220 or r15 v2..??
    please help me out guys..

    • P220 and R15 are entirely different machine!,
      Let us know your need and teste?

      R15 V.2 is now far more track oriented bike.A bike that wakes after 7k RPMs that means you should be able to keep revs up to feel the motor. However once into the power band its strong and agile.
      U will get a good machine with superior build quality and engineering.

      on the other hand 220 is less refined but have thick mid range. and power is spread across the rev range. Great bike to ride long, less price, acceptable efficiency. Nice on highways. Poor handler.(But once u learn the machine, u will forget this point.)

      common factor between these bikes is that both are fast bikes!

  10. my heigth is 5.9″.
    shall I buy r15 v2 or should I go for another bike?

    • If u like R15 V2 u can go for it. Please understand that height is not the most important factor when buying a bike. The purpose should be justified that’s it. @5.9 you are not too tall. And the new R15 is slightly bigger and beefy. It will suit you. Don’t pay attention to common people who suggests like”Hey bro, R15 is too small for you”.

      Happy riding ahead!

      • Hey this height issue is probing a question in my mind too. I am 5.5 and i have already booked this bike, will my height will cause me problems while riding the bike?

        if yes then could you suggest me a good solution for it, or better another bike.

        • 5.5 guys will be tip toeing on the new r15 v2. you can ride it and balance it though if you have experience riding bikes before. but if this is going to be your first bike then i’ll say learn on something smaller and then get on the v2.

  11. i have p220f and now m planning to buy r15 v2.0 will that be a good idea because i love speed,stunt’s,the sporty design.
    but i have heard that when guys do stoppie’s with a pillon behind the portion between the rider and pillion breaks apart so m bit nervious about that can u guyz help me some pls

    • We will recommend performing stoppies solo.
      Mechanical stress will be there however the setup have good reinforcement.Are you looking for just a better looking bike? This one may not be an upgrade for you. however you can have them together if u want.

    • thnks dude for ur com i just tell u what i want:
      top speed=150 kmph
      design=sporty and good looking
      stunts=like rolling stoppies bcz i love to do it!

      ***the main thng i have heard that the portion between the two seat’s is very week it breaks down ***
      have a nice day kochumvk i’ll buy the bike after you say ok bye

      • 150 kmph possible if you weigh below 50kg. comfort is not going to be that great for long rides. it is even better for stoppies than the v1 because it is more forward biased than the v1.

  12. hey i have new R15 version 2 .. its too cool and sexy .. handling is too good as compare to other bike in 150 to 220 cc mostly if u compare with 220 pulsar .. pulsar is nice bike bt handling not good …. and i got mileage 35-37 per litter .. plz share u r experience of mileage if u have nr15 version 2 :)

    • I bought my bike on 16 th December and till today its giving mileage more than 40 if u ride below 5K rpm…

  13. hi
    i m planning to buy a r15 v2 black .. shall book it by the end of november .. i currently own a bajaj discover 135 . r15 is my dream bike ( indian ) as i love its looks . i just wanted to know that if its easy to handle for beginners as my younger bro might also be riding it when i get it .. and at what speed can we change to the sixth gear ? ..

    waiting for ur reply …

    • R15 is more than just looks, its about performance and handling in a very refined form.It will handle better than your current bike. Its not heavy as well. More importantly Center of gravity is well balanced. Shifting a gear is more dependent on RPM,not speed of the bike. and depends on the bike. on a track bike you should shift at relatively higher RPMs.Once you start using it you will get to know the optimum point for best timings.

  14. i ve to travel for about 100 kms every weekends ( from my college to home nd viceversa ) , is it a good bike for long drives ?! i mean .. about the comfort … nd i m not much of a speed rider at city .. but would like to ride above 100 in highways .. will it suit my requirements ?? or should i choose the cbr250r ? ( i love r15 .. but d seating postion confuses me about d comfort ) . plz reply ..

      • if its fine for a 100 kms ride .. then no more querries about it … its gonna be my next byk .. thnx alot for ur replies … god bless …

  15. hi friends
    i would like to buy the new r15,but now i’m little bit confused
    coz,i’m a 6ft guy my friends say that r15 doesn’t suits me ,
    is r15 doesn’t suits for taller boys..?

    • Because of its compactness R15 general is supposed to not be “great looking” for tall guys.But its isn’t an issue at all!

      • I’m also 6ft and I own this bike. Since you will lean a bit on the handle bar, it will look a lot normal.. But still the bike will appear small.. Never mind what people say, you cannot choose Bullet 350Classic just because of your height..

  16. is r15 affordable for middleclass people i love this bike but i m 16 yrs old should i buy this bike

  17. Hey! I am planning to buy this bike but I am confused…..I like its look vry much nd love this bike but my height is 5’10 and my running is 600-750 km per month will it suite me…..plz suggest……if not which other bike could I go for (not CBR 250)

    • Are you looking for a full faired bike?

      if not, You can check out:

      1.Duke 200
      2.Pulsar 200 NS

        • test ride both and pick what your mind says.
          do a proper requirement analysis. I am not sure what type of rider you are.(tourer, commuter etc)

    • A CBR250,DUKE 200 or the PULSAR 200NS would be a much wiser investment now.If you are a tourer,the CBR,if not then DUKE or 200NS depending on budget :)

  18. i m 16 n 5.5 i m thnkng of buyng this bike shud i go for it?
    Is this bike good for city races

  19. This is actually a terrific piece of writing. You are pretty superior at generating your points clear and fascinating all through your subject material. You leave your readers anything to consider.

  20. Just found your web page via Alexa and like it, incredibly interesting, will def come back.

  21. Hey guys , Ive booked a R15 which is soon to be mine.
    Im 5 Feet 6 Inches , will my height be a problem?
    Another question is that , This will be my first bike , Will it be hard to ride?
    and is the handling good?
    I really don’t care much about the Rear seat.

  22. Hi,

    I just upgraded to R15 v2 from unicorn.

    My concern is the suspension of r15 is hard.. Even for small bumps it hits my back.. I am confused with this behaviour cos I have drove P220, Unicorn and other bikes earlier but i never felt the stiffness in the suspension. so im bit worried whether it is a prob with my bike or it s designed that way. Kindly help me

    • Its not an issue with your bike.R15 is a track oriented bike and hence the suspension is on the stiffer side.Unfortunately YAMAHA decided not to provide an adjustable suspension!

  23. Vishnu R15 is awesome to ride. and your height is no problem. it’s ok. just enjoy the ride, i sure you will like this bike …

  24. Hi,

    I am 6feet 2 inches and weigh in 94-98 kg, but the weight is not due to fat, i am just muscular and heavily built..

    i dont go touring often ( once in a blue moon with friends ) and my daily commute is around 40 kms max with a pillion rider weighing in around 70 kgs

    so its a total of around 170 kg on a bike

    should i consider this bike

    also how would the pillion rider sit on the bike. can he hold the straps between the two seats, leaning on the rider is not always possible

    • any update ???

  25. Hi,

    I am 5.6

    The only concern that i have is will it be difficult for me to mount myself on the bike(Cuz the rear seat is too high)and is there any adjustable coilover available to lower the rear part of the bike.

    • isnt all that hard to mount on the bike

  26. Hai frnds..
    I hava a question about the new R15 V2. Is there any difficulty to take my mom on this bike..? Pls give me a reply….

    • Unfortunately yes it is.Also there is no grab rail and siting sideways would be impossible.

  27. Hi, My height is 6.1″ and wanna buy R15 v2. Can you suggest whether it will be comfortable in terms of posture.

  28. Hey guys, i bought my v2.0 a month back, but im getting a mileage of 20kmpl. Not knowing if its becoz of my riding or engine(bike) defect. Im an experienced rider(used cbz for 5 yrs), Eagerly looking forward for your valuable suggestions/solutions.
    thnx in advance.

  29. I want to buy a bike within 1.4 lakh, weekdays – for office and weekends- for fun, i’m confused between KTM DUKE, R15 and CBR. I also have little bit of lower back problem. Please suggest me what to do b’coz personally i love the R15 aerodynamics and styling and wanted to go for something sporty along with comfort.

    please reply asap. Thanks

  30. i am confused b/w cbr 150 , p220 , r 15 ?
    whom should i go with and why ?

  31. You have information that I’m looking for. Thanks for advance

  32. love the bike! i m 5’11…i am gonna get in next year! and is r15 launching another version widin a year?

  33. I savor, lead to I discovered just what I was taking a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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  35. i m a tourer is r15 v2.0 gud for long tour like 200-250 km per week.

    • plzzz rply yar…..

  36. Hi, i like to buy the r15, but i’m 6,3 hight

    will it be a problem or not,


  37. Hey friends! Last night one of my relative told me abt a second hand r15. December 2010 model. The bike is in red colour bt I didn’t see or drive it as my exams are going on and the bike is in another city. I am jst 5’5 around 65 kgs nd using apache by last two years and I am comfortable with it. But want r15.. so pls tell me should I go with that r15? Will it suit my height? And what abt mileage? And which version it should be December 2010?? Pls help..

  38. Hey guys….ur post is worth useful….but
    I am confused here..plss help me out guys….
    My height is 6 ft 2 inches…n m planning to buy bike….my choice is r15 but I am cnfused over that bcz of my height….n my dad is suggesting me to buy bullet classic 350….

    Plss guya help me wich one is better and suits me…

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    I to find It really helpful & it helped me
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    Thanks a lot.

  41. Really when someone doesn’t be aware of afterward its up
    to other viewers that they will help, so here
    it happens.

  42. I was suggested this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know
    such detailed about my problem. You’re amazing! Thanks!

  43. Guys, i need suggestion..My height is 5 feet and weight is 57 kg..can i ride yamaha R15 V2..comfortably ..??

  44. guys ,,’
    can we able to increase the hieght of r15 v1
    i have put a bigger typre (120) to my r15 v1. now itz cracking my muddguard when i take heavy loads ??


  1. [NEWS INDIA]: Detailed Report: New YZF R15 Version 2.0 Launched : Delhi Ex-showroom price 107,000 - Page 67 - : The Global Indian Biking Community - [...] have done a review based on mine and Navin's observations REVIEW:YAMAHA R15 V2.0 | ...

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