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Posted by on Aug 20, 2011 in REVIEWS, Slider, TEST RIDES | 21 comments

Bajaj Boxer 150 review and test ride

Bajaj Boxer 150 review and test ride

Bajaj finally brought back the classic boxer with a bigger engine! a 150cc Boxer for rural markets.Boxer CT./AT was a success, however how good is the new one? Lets check it out…

Tail lamp and and head lamp are two things which is inherited from old boxer. This bike will look far better if you take this ugly visor off!

boxer 150 tail lamp

Boxer branding comes prominent as the Bajaj logo goes off.

boxer150 tank


Now what is BM 150? any way unlike the 97cc bikes in India this one does not carry any fancy stickers about technologies.

boxer150 engine

All down gear shift pattern is like old boxer(4 speed). No twin spark ignition, combustion is taken care by a single plug unlike most Bajaj two wheelers including the tiny crystal dtsi.

boxer150 carrier

Huge Chrome carrier at the rear is one prominent feature of this rural boy.This one is easily the biggest I have seen on any Indian bikes.

RVMs looks like that of pulsars. Instrumentation comes from discover which features a speedo and a fuel gauge (no tacho obviously!)

Bike carries regular Bajaj stuffs like SNS rear suspension. Overall build quality is good.

Ride Experience:

I have done a short test ride on this rural machine over the urban tarmac. It pulled reasonably well.

However the ride was bumpy. I think the front rubber was over filled. The bike was not in a shape to take a test ride actually – speedo was not working and there was no front brake!

Engine was not that refined. I guess it generates around 11-12 BHP.

Showroom guys don’t have any idea about the spec, what they know is this is 150cc!.Bajaj should have given them some spec info at least. May be Bajaj’s thinking is right that the rural customer will never ask about such numbers, but again I took the test ride from an urban dealer in Pune.

Price:  Rs 48700 on road at Pune.


Boxer 150 is around Rs 7000 cheaper than discover 150. However this price tag is not justifiable.

In discover 150 you will get Front disc brake probably a better engine, far better looks and so on.

Then what is really the selling point apart from the rural looks and big luggage carrier ?

May be Bajaj is trying to say that Discover 150 is a great VFM product!!!

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  1. what is VFM product ?? u mentioned in last sentence…

    I am proud to be having Discover 125cc DTSi…….. smooth and nice performance.. But i think they shoudnt move discover from that category..

    • VFM simply means value for money.
      Discover lineup now got a bigger brother with a 150cc motor!

  2. i opret 150 bajaj boxer she had only 4 gear i want pl.add 1gire

    • Kya inglis hai. maza aa gaya!!

    • wah taj! :D :D

  3. Dear Sir i am a proud owner of BAJAJ BOXER CT bought in around 8 yrs back and it is first bike in life, i took this bike in most rough and smooth terrains when most part of country’s road were very bad and broken to NH constrctions. It was a fantastic bike. Now i am mad to have its new improved sturdy vertion BAJAJ BOXER BM 150 i gone through its technicalities and excellent low price for such a fabulous bike. The finance part is that to buy it require more down payment for which if BAJAJ AUTO FINANCE ty to reduce little in down payment and affordable EMI’s for little long duration, becoz this bike is buy and forget…..nobody go for other bikes when one see its comforts and luxury ride with family and luggage….i wish Mr. Rahul bajaj for knowing the kernal requisit of Indians. Thanking you i am from BELGAUM, KARNATAKA STATE…INDIA

  4. This model is made up of assembling the parts of the old xcd125…fuel tank , seat ,silencer,gear box,suspension are same of xcd

    • Fuel tank is not same as XCD. Much different.

  5. guys wat about its millage?
    would some1 kindly tell me about its millage?
    its 150 cc engine has impressed me like Anna
    it also reminds me a wonderful line

  6. I have RX-100 & I am using it for the last 20 years. I think I will carry me another 20 years. And also may be after that I can handover the ownership to someone who is interested to take care of it after me. Anyone genuinely interested?

  7. wat abt the mileage?

  8. This bike is really very tough and commendable. For the Lovers of bajaj i would like to tell you that i fall in love for the bike at first sight. It has that Authentic look of Older Bajaj Boxer 100cc. Long Pillion seat and strong chasis and Frame that gives a power pack and rigid look. Riding is smooth without backache unlike the Discover or Pulsar. The Pickup is quite Smart and reaches 60 within 6 Seconds. Maneuring and taking turns can be taken at very ease because of big tyres and sleek design of bike. The body balance is excellent and can be controlled at any traffic congestion. The tank is very sleek and has a powerful head lamp as that of a Bullet which makes even more great looks. But the grab rails and Load holder is the only one which makes the bike little Shabby. This bike will come for a long run as it has mileage of 65 and 4 Shift gears which will outrun the rivals of 100CC Splendour. This bike promises to deliver performance like Caliber,Boxer, CT100. Bajaj has comeout with a Excellent Master piece after a long time for the people most needed mileage and performance. People dont go for the looks but check this beast and you will come to know about it. Bajaj has designed this bike keeping in mind of every expectation of an Indian need. May be in future the bike might role out slight modification. It is not only for rural or Urban but also for cities. Hats Off to Bajaj.

  9. i love urban looks and i m fan of classic bikes however i don’t compromise on performance i was thinking of buying Unicorn , TVS Max 4r , boxer or may be classic 350. and i don’t trust Bajaj engines they r smooth and gives better mileage but still if u ride a honda or hero u feel unsatisfied by Bajaj and also Bajaj accessories & there spare parts are’nt well finished i hate plastic accessories ………….if compare TVS max4r and boxer which one would u go with.

  10. I have owned and ridden a Kawasaki 125 Wind for the past five years and really enjoyed it, still do. I just bought a Kawasaki CT150 Boxer a few days ago. Compared to the Wind, it is very similar in ride and performance; I enjoy the big rear carrier on the Boxer, and have added a custom carry-box on the carrier which is very useful. I am enjoying the Electric starter, and the fact that the Boxer idles much more reliably than the Wind. I like the oil-level glass on the Boxer, very useful. Acceleration is very comparable to the Wind, reaching top speed of 100kp/h only if you have a nice long straight and sealed road! I am missing the tachometer, the trip meter, the front disc-brakes of the Wind, also the cowling around the headlight to deflect wind. Braking on the Boxer is definitely not as good as the Wind! The headlight of the Boxer is far superior to the Wind, because of the traditional and more efficient round design, yet the quartz-halogen lamp is identical, 35/35W. I don’t really like to sell the Wind, I like both bikes equally well, but I don’t need two bikes !

  11. bajaj boxer 150 bm spare parts

  12. prise list

  13. I bought this bike about 4 weeks back. The suspension is really good for bad roads. The headlight has good throw and spread. The engine is torquey and pulls cleanly from fourth gear from 25 kmph. The bike is not yet due for its first servicing but I am already getting 50 kmpl mileage in city. Have not taken it to the highway yet. However the engine seems to want to shift to fifth gear at speed of 40, and that is the main compromise of this bike, it has no fifth gear. 4 gears is all you get at this price and that too all closely spaced ones in the interest of that torquey feel. My guess is engine would be vibey at speeds of 65-70 and higher and highway mileage would not be so good (around 60 maybe). The other shortcoming because of price factor are the tyres, specifically the ‘ mahagrip’ tyre at the front. A plain rib design, they are plainly suicidal in wet muddy/slushy conditions as they offet no grip in such conditions. Bajaj seriously needs to replace them. The rear tyre from the same comoany is mostly ok. I am seriously considering to replace the front tyre. Otherwise it has been a satisfactory purchase for me. The bike feels solid and the chasis is rigid and robust to withstand years of abuse on bad surface. I have no experience of the hi-tec nitrox suspension but bajaj’s patented SNS suspension at the rear and the front forks provide a great ride which in combination with the seating position provides a very satisfying ride experience. Coupled with the torquey engine and good maneuravility, this bike is a dream on the city/suburban roads. The addition of a pillion doesn’t effect it in any way and the engine remains as willing as ever. The only grouse is the hopeless front tyres and the slightly less than keen brakes.Bajaj should at least change the tyre and provide another brand as OEM. And maybe offer a fifth gear as an option just like in discover 100.

  14. I am a proud owner of boxer 150 cc from bajaj and wow! Its great. Kenyan roads are not the best but boxer 150- cc is really delivering. Thanks bajaj.

    • Brother, im looking to buy this bike as a daily commute and rural use over weekends. how is your experience, how much was it brand new and is the front disc brake as bad as it sounds in these reviews?

  15. I bought a Boxer 150 here in the Philippines. Runs good, but already sounds like it is missing on a calender, or something. I have not gone over 40 KPH, as is the break in period rule. Also, sometimes it will shut of on idle, or when I go over a speed bump and let off the gas and pull the clutch. Not every ride though. Very annoying. The shifting seems a little hard for me. It’s not a smooth transition, like I feel when I ride on a Barako 175. Any thoughts on the shutting off issue? Bad gas, maybe? I used premium.its still on its first fill up.


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